About Us

Our Celebration of Food
Hafla is a word from the Mediterranean that means a celebratory ‘get together’, traditionally at the heart of any celebration is food: lots of food.

Hafla is a celebration of all that’s good in life; family, friends and great food.

At Hafla, we honour this by using traditional, authentic family recipes to produce the highest quality dips using the best possible ingredients. This means no nonsense and no cutting corners.

Traditional recipes do not use sugars, artificial colours, gums, preservatives or flavour enhancers and neither do we. All our dips are gluten free, most are vegan.

We know we aren't the cheapest product on the shelf, however we aim to be the best and won't compromise on the quality of our local ingredients. We believe our customers are those that know and care about what they eat. 

Blessings to you and your family. May we all enjoy good friends, fine food, peaceful times and success!