Our Dips

Organic Hummus

Hummus is an emerging staple on the Australian table and our hummus is recognised by ever growing numbers of people as the best they have ever tasted.

With a Royal Sydney Show award, our Hummus is Organic and made with more than 86% Australian ingredients, and reported by all our retailers as a bestseller.

From time to time our chickpeas still have the husk on them and the dip takes on slightly darker shade, at times these pieces of husk are visible as brown “spots” in the dip. Husk left on the chickpea enhances the quality and wholesomeness of our product.

Our hummus, made with the right balance of chickpeas and sesame seeds, provides you with a rich protein, and is therefore a perfect food for vegans.

Serving suggestions:

Hummus is a great healthy snack at any time, it is great with fresh celery, cucumber or carrot sticks for the kids, or on bread.
Hummus will go well with Muhumara or a touch of Zhug, it is great with most fresh veggies.
Hummus, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh and for best tasting, once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.


Babaganush has travelled the world around, and many countries claim ownership of its recipe.
I am aware of two distinctly different recipes: the Middle Eastern - over which many political debates have ensued, and the European - which I attribute solely to my mum!

Our Babaganush is made with over 95% Australian ingredients. We take the voluptuous eggplant; poke and near burn it before we carefully moosh it up with Tahini, cold press olive oil and special spices.

Serving Suggestions

Babaganush is a great healthy snack at any time, it is great with fresh celery or carrot sticks for the kids, or on bread.
“Baba”, as we like to call it, will go well with fresh veggies and it is on particularly good terms with fresh tomatoes, or as companion for cheese and crackers. Babaganush, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh and for best tasting, once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.

Roasted Beetroot and honey

Beetroot & Honey is a unique and remarkable combination that really tantalises the palate.

The dips’ foundation is slow roasted quality beets so they keep their earthy flavour and quality. Then, by expertly chucking in some of the bee’s knees honey and an array of spices, we turn the old fashioned beets into an upbeat dip that just dances when combined with products like smoked fish or cheese.

Serving suggestions:

Our roasted beetroot dip is a great companion to our well balanced tahini dip; it is great with hummus and go fantastically well with smoked fish products or cheese (feta, brie etc’).

People have told me they have given our beetroot dip a go, even although they didn’t really liked beetroot, they reported it was a life changing experience and are now on very friendly terms with the rounded, earth bound goodness of the beets.

Organic green tahini

Well, the deal with our Organic Green Tahini is you either love it or go crazy about it.
Ground Organic sesame paste with fresh parsley and cold press olive oil just can’t go wrong.

(It took a great deal of patience hiding in the kitchen pantry, watching mum as she mixes all the ingredients in the bowl, checking over her shoulder to see that no one else was watching.) 

Great as topping on baked potatoes, falafel or roasted veggies, great on top of our hummus or drizzled as a salad dressing. If could be addictive however it’s great for you, so enjoy in copious amounts.

Serving suggestions:

Our Tahini will go fabulously well with our Hummus, or on top of our beetroot dip, at our home it goes with just about anything, or on it’s own.

It is made and sold fresh, and better consumed before anyone else sees it.

Sweet Potato and Fetta

There is nothing like the smell of herb and olive oil covered creamy Kumara slow roasting in the oven.

When crumbled with generous chunks of feta, it is always a challenge for us not to eat before we package this one.

Made from over 95% of fresh Australian ingredients, our Sweet Potato & Feta dip can be a meal onto itself.

Serving suggestions:

Our Roasted Kumera & Feta dip can be a meal on its own.

It will go great with fresh veggies and will respond well to a dollop of tahini, or mayonnaise

Kumera ‘N’ Fetta, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh for full flavour it should be eaten at room temperature. once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.

Organic Zhug

The cheekiest of all our dips, Zhug is made with Organic fresh coriander, green chilli, cold press (virgin) olive oil, garlic and spices.

It is fantastically flavoursome and yet will not burn your taste buds, however it is recommended as adult content only.

It would light up any mouthful and can even be used as a party trick.

Although Zhug has its origin in Yemen, we make it here with more than 95% Australian ingredients and as far as we know are the only Australian producers.

Serving suggestions:

It is great tossed into stir-fries, on top of steak, fish, avocado, tofu, fresh pasta, with hummus and just about anything… your imagination is the only limit to the serving options. 

It will light up any meal, from a thin spread over hummus or avocado on bread, to a tea spoon in a pot of pasta once the pasta is cooked. It also goes great with stir fry with chicken, beef or veg, and will form a lively companionship as addition to sauce on pizza base.


Tzatziki seems so easy to make and yet our customers always ask us what’s different about our product.

Well, it’s simple and straight forward – more than 95% Australian ingredients and just the right balanced touch of dill tips.

Serving suggestions:

Our Tzatziki goes great with any meal. Kids love it with veggies, it is very happy in the company of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tzatziki is great companion to meat meals and sits nicely on top of pies. It is also recommended as an antidote for Zhug. (It will put the chili fire out).


When you open the kitchen door on a Muhumara day you are engulfed with the sweet smells of roasting red capsicums, bee’s knees honey and organic apple cider vinegar, that add to the vibrant, bright reds of local Australian capsicums.

Serving suggestions:

Muhumara goes great on top of hummus or avocado sandwich, it will taste great with chicken or beef and is fantastic as pizza topping.
Muhumara is great with a dollop of mayonnaise under cheese or on top of sour cream.

Like all of our dips it is made and sold fresh, once opened, best consumed within five days.

Drunken Onion EGgplant Salsa

Once upon a time there was a drunken onion…

No really, two bottles of red wine disappear every time we make this mouth-watering condiment, even though the recipe only requires one.

The onions are caramelized in honey before getting drunk and lose themselves completely once the roasted eggplant chunks are added to the pot. 

Serving suggestions:
This full bodied salsa is great as a side for any meal, but goes especially well on top of hummus or cheese.

Organic Kasoundi

Organic Kasoundi is our Australian baby.
Originally a South Indian spice mix, we mucked around with the spice combination in the flamboyant way only foodies know how. The first batch filled the kitchen with the aroma of burnt spices. The second one hit the mark. With more than 95% of organic Australian ingredients, this Kasoundi is a flavour explosion in your mouth. 

Serving Suggestions

With six months or so of unrefrigerated shelf life, you just have to give it a go.